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TrailBoy Online
Fishing in it's simplest terms is just pivoting off of something.
This move is an alternate way to get down from something, or over something sideways. That is, when you can not get into position to drop off something forward in a lurch fashion. This move is built off basics, specifically pivoting and hopping in place.
Fishing is performed as follows. While right at the edge of something, with the bike parallel with the edge, you will pivot the rear end off, making sure to pivot it far enough to safely clear everything, you don't want to snag your foot or deraileur. When the rear end is out there, but before it hits the ground, you'll want to quickly snap the front wheel out as well, far enough to clear. You should land as softly as you can, rear wheel first. Alternates of this move involve spinning around 180 as you drop off, or 360 if you are really good.