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TrailBoy Online
A manual is just riding a wheelie with out pedaling.
Learn this trick on flatland first, something flat, not uphill or downhill. If you don't have the 'perfect' surface a slight downhill will be fine.  Ride at a medium speed holding the bars and standing normally on the pedals. Be level over the bike- arms slightly bent- legs slightly bent. Snap your butt back behind the seat and keep your arms and legs slightly bent. Bending your arms excessively will pull the front wheel up but you will not be able to control the manual- this is a huge mistake for most beginners. Your weight should be way back and the front wheel should only be about 2 feet off the ground. Your body weight acts as a lever to keep the front wheel up. Keep your eyes focused on a point about 10-15 feet in front of you. Looking straight down will throw your balance off. To control the manual don't start throwing your body around. Control is achieved by slightly bending your elbows and knees. This will change where your body is and alter your center of gravity slightly. To ride out tilt your head slightly forward to shift your weight forward or tap your brakes. The biggest problem with beginners is not getting your body far enough behind the seat to create a stable center of gravity.  The other biggest problem is riders throwing their body around to much while trying to balance.  The less you move your body around the easier manuals will start to become.