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TrailBoy Online

We all know how great a big drop looks. But, being able to drop off of stuff can also help you gain speed in many sections. Many steep sections in which you once skidded nearly to a stand-still, can be jumped clean over, without even braking; by simply droping off of it.

Do not atempt large drops unless your bike can handle it, otherwise the bike or yourself may be harmed.

Don't start out learning on a big drop. Try this on a smaller more forgiving drop the first couple times. Something like a loading dock.
Begin by rolling towards the drop at a quick pace. Once you are within a bikes length or so of the drop, shift your weight back and pull the front wheel up and back towards you. Keep the bike level in the air as you would off of a jump. Just as you are about to land push down on the back end, gently planting the rear wheel onto the ground. As you land, absorb the impact with your arms and legs.

On some larger, steeper drops landing slightly more on the front wheel may be required to prevent 'pogo-ing'. Last, but not least; please, never do a drop over six feet without a transition, your bottom bracket and wheels will thank you!