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TrailBoy Online
Hopping is a very essential skill, one that is utilized often in a variety of situations.
This skill is very useful in places where traction is minimal, such as in rocks, dirt, stream beds, hillsides, and even some manmade objects, like stairs.
Hopping in place is a good way to keep your balance in loose terrain. To hop in place, a combination of pulling up with the arms and body movement is used to pick the bike up. You should try to jump up and pull the bike with you. Keep in mind that you do not need to overly exaggerate the moves to simply stay in position. Highly exaggerated moves are more likely to be utilized when hopping forward.

Hopping forward is one of those moves that takes a lot of energy, but that is useful to know. To hop forward, you should compress your body down towards your bike, then throw your weight forward. At the same time, pick up the bike with your arms and throw the handlebars up and out. I find you can get a few more inches forward if, when you throw your arms forward, you flick your wrists as well. If you want to get a little more distance without expending quite as much energy, try adding a very slight pedal stroke right when you are hopping forward, this will get you a little extra kick.