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TrailBoy Online
J-Hopping is the third most efficient method to get up some vertical distance, either up onto something or over something.
The limitation of J-Hopping is that it requires a decent amount of speed, and therefore a larger amount of space to build up that speed. J-Hopping, in its simplest terms, is just weight shifting. You just exaggerate more and more to go higher. The best way to learn is to start small; try it on a curb or a 2x4 set on your driveway. Don't try to get up the neighborhood two foot high wall on your first attempt. Roll towards the object at a good pace (for a small object try a quick walking speed). Right before you get to the object, you will want to shift your weight  as far back as possible, unweighting the front wheel. When the front has risen high enough to clear the object, spring straight up off of the back wheel and quickly shift your weight forward, while pushing forward with your arms. This will have the effect of leveling the bike out in the air, allowing the rear wheel to clear the object. Try to land relatively flat, with the rear wheel hitting first. It's much better to land with the rear first, landing front first will only lead to uncomfortable situations and unwanted endos.